New Year’s Resolutions

*You will probably see an abundance of “Don’t wait til the New Year to make resolutions” posts from different bloggers and social media users, so I figured I’d go ahead and get mine in now :-)*

New Year’s Resolutions. Hmph.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve brought in the New Year in church with the other saints, praising God for allowing us to see another year. If you were raised in church like I was, or have been to any NYE services, you’ve heard the pastor preach about the numerical significance/spiritual meaning of the new year.

[insert hollering, raspy preacher voice: “The year 2017 means…(whatever it means), and God is gonna bless you real good!”] Yeah? Well, tell us about the pain and struggles that God will take us through as well as the joyous times.

To be honest, I don’t buy into that stuff (as you can tell from the above paragraph). That’s how *I* feel. If you need a NYE service to motivate you, that’s great. Do you, by all means. But if there’s something you know GOD is calling you to do/start/stop right now, then don’t wait til Dec. 31 to make up your mind. You may not live to see that day. Carpe diem. Seize the day–today.

The world that we live in gives us all these rules for becoming motivated, for setting goals, for being your best self, but guess what? None of that is truly possible without the guidance of our great GOD. You can take all the self-help classes and read all the books you want, but without a personal relationship with the Master of the Sea, you are like a ship without a sail, teetering back and forth on the angry waves of life.

Here are some resolutions for you to begin now:

  • resolve to be more obedient to Christ in all things (read/pray)
  • take more chances/walk by faith
  • speak your mind (learn to say “yes” or “no”)
  • be decisive
  • stop being a people-pleaser
  • attend an event for someone you care about
  • apologize
  • start a fast
  • lose weight
  • get rid of extra spiritual/emotional/physical baggage
  • get your business/ministry going
  • seek counseling
  • laugh more
  • take a family/personal vacation

Feel free to add to the list!!





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