I think I’m becoming…

A vegan-tarian.

Yep. You read that right. A vegan-tarian (a cross between a vegan and a vegetarian). I wonder am I the first person to ever coin this phrase… *heads over to Google to inquire *

“How,” you wonder…”why?” Vegan? Vegetarian?

Well…without boring you to death, here it is: My appetite has changed. I believe God is drawing me to a lifestyle of cleaner eating. Now, I’ve never been what is considered an “unhealthy” eater. We didn’t grow up with a bunch of non-nutritious snacks in the cupboard (ha…I like that word). We grew up on the usual, bologna sammiches, liver, rice and gravy, chicken, etc. but momma never seasoned the food the old-fashioned way (greens with ham hock etc.) None of that.

This year is when I noticed my appetites for certain foods diminishing, and I definitely believer it’s a God thing. I used to mow down a breast and wing dinner from Bojangles, but now eating chicken disgusts me. Chicken!?!?? I know right? I went to Bojangles last night, and practically threw away $6 on a 3 wing dinner. I COULD NOT eat it. I love watching shows like “Bizarre Foods” with Andrew Zimmern and “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” with Guy Fieri, but dangit if I don’t have to turn the channel when they show the parts where the cooks are chopping up meat, especially hogs heads and stuff.

I used to LOVE cheese, now I really don’t want it, not even on my sandwiches. Don’t worry though, yall. I still eat. Please believe that. My thoughts about food have changed, though. Without getting all PETA-y on yall, I can tell you this: I have realized that God wants us to get back to eating healthy, PRE-Adam and Eve sinning, and to not destroy the animals that he created. One of the reasons we have so many diseases and conditions is due to our eating habits and non-exercise lifestyles. We gotta stop that, yall. Especially those of us who call ourselves believers.

I am SUCH a beginner at this. Even before I considered this as a way of living, I was following people like Nina Brewton, (a woman of God I met through family) who made the decision to go vegan last year. I don’t know all the answers, but I’m learning…

Find out why Nina made the decision to go vegan here at…




**Yes, black people can go vegan! 😉 If you’re not ready for vegan, try vegetarian, bit by bit…


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