Are you following these bloggers?

Y’all better get on board!!! 🙂

(Ashley, a woman in her early 30s, blogs about her faith in God, and all things beauty and thrifting. Love her!)

(You gotta check out fashion blogger and WOG LaShoundra…sista girl is BADD, ok!??!)

(This chic here is my spiritual twin… I mean, really! And I just discovered her recently. We’re practically the same age and share similar passion for Christ. Love her!)

(This on-fire WOG is NOT to be messed with! She is dead-serious about her walk with the Lord, and challenges us to be better women of Christ, discussing topics such as fasting, relationships and finances. Check her and husband’s ministry out on her website. (And her babies are adorable as well!)

(This fierce thang here slays all day!)

(I love Kim, she’s like my spiritual momma/older sister…her quiet spirit and passion for our Lord is obvious in her books, videos and blog).

(Yall better get on this WOG’s sewing level!)

(My Nigerian lifestyle-bloggin’ sister in Christ. LOVE her. Find out why she nicknamed her hubby “Cakes.” (spoiler: He is a cake-baking FOOL!)  Food, travel, life is what she blogs about; I promise you won’t be disappointed.)


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